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About Us

Inclusive Experiences is a UK-based blog which explores inclusive elements of behaviour and experience, focusing on accessibility, mental health and other crucial topics. Our content is brought to you by a team of passionate individuals, based on their own research and experiences. Whether you're a digital designer seeking ways to make your designs more inclusive or just passionate about our topics, Inclusive Experiences is the place for you!


  • Visual: Colours and Shapes 14/09/2018 Visual: Colours & Shapes BannerWhy is accessibility important? Designing your project to consider accessibility requirements promotes an inclusive and overall positive experience for consumers. Without appropriate accessibility, consumers may struggle or even be unable to ...
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Mental Health

  • Time to Talk: Mental Health 18/09/2018 Time to Talk: Mental Health BannerTime to Talk: Why it’s Important Mental health affects One in four of us in our lifetime. It can emerge from various situations, which is why there is encouragement for more open ...
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